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Where to go on your Hanoi vegetable farm tours?


Do your children know where their food comes from? Ask them and get the most popular response is “The supermarkets.” A farm visit on your Hanoi day tour – a chance to explore how vegetables are grown – is a perfect way for your city kids to understand and connect with where the food they have tried in Hanoi comes from. Here are the best vegetable farms where you can get the freshest and most unadulterated produce from. Don’t miss them on your Hanoi vegetable farm tours!

Tien Le Vegetable Village


Tien Le Vegetable Village

Tien Le Vegetable Village (làng rau Tiền Lệ), Hoai Duc – a small village situated about 18km to the west of Hanoi is the most famous Hanoi vegetable village to visit on your family trip in Vietnam’s capital city.

Thanks to these enormous farming fields established and developed to grow safe vegetables meeting the Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGap) standards, this quaint village is well-known for growing many kinds of the freshest and most flavorful vegetables. In spite of its pretty small size, Tien Le Village can supply consumers in the capital city 15 tons of organic veggies per day. What an impressive number! The very first thing to do here is to walk around with your local guide to admire the wonderland of greenery, to have a short yet interesting conversation with local farmers, and to know more about the rich history of the village.

Getting your kids outdoors on your Hanoi vegetable farm tours and letting them experience a real working vegetable farm in Vietnam – trying their own hands at farming from sowing, watering, spraying fertilizers to harvesting organic vegetables will reconnect them with where food comes from. Also, it will offer them an enjoyable experience and lasting memories of peaceful Vietnamese countryside.

Song Phuong Vegetable Village


Song Phuong Vegetable Village

Only a 20-km drive away from the center of Hanoi, Song Phuong is one of the largest vegetable villages in the capital well-known as the only freshest and cleanest vegetable supporter for Hanoi local foods. It is easily accessed by bicycle, motorbike, or simply a light walk. But the most stunning way to see Hanoi’s countryside and experience its rich culture is by bicycle.

Even though organic vegetable farming in Hanoi is still a controversial concept, it has been saving many local farmer lives and gradually gaining prominence with city dwellers. You will see it all by going hands-on and experiencing the life of a farmer.

Listen carefully when the local farmers tell you the village secret to growing many kinds of outstanding quality vegetables: tomato, lettuce, salad, cauliflower, green peas, Chinese peas, corn, etc., with which the traditional specialties of Hanoi have gained part of their fame. Also, learn some basic farming know-how when the hospitable locals show you the way they do it.

Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetable Cooperative


A visit to organic farms in Hanoi

Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetable Cooperative on Ton That Thuyet Street, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi is 6,200-sq-meter farmland supplying clean and safe organic produces. The fragrant smell of vegetables is the first thing to welcome tourists who have just had an 11-km drive from the city center.

Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetable Cooperative is one of the initiatives to support Hanoian farmers and raise the public awareness about the organic produces and its benefits. What makes Thanh Xuan Vegetable Cooperative special is the use of herbal pesticides to save the vegetables from worms and pests. Besides asking the experienced local farmers about cultivation techniques and lifestyle, you will also be having a chance to take part in experiential activities. Raking the ground, watering, weeding, mulching, and harvesting vegetables are designed to engage your whole family in learning about the importance of ecological, community-based farming.

Where to go on your Hanoi tour for family? It should be Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetable Cooperative.

By learning how a vegetable farm works on your Hanoi vegetable farm tours, you and your lovely children will have an excellent opportunity to experience the natural world in a brand new way and make a vital connection among the economic, social, and ecological importance of farming in Vietnamese farmers’ daily lives.

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