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Travel as real locals on Hanoi’s outskirts


If you think of visiting the noisy center of Hanoi can make you feel boring, you may choose another interesting place near it-Hanoi’s outskirts. The new tourism lands might give you exciting experiences that you haven’t had before. Moreover, during taking part in this kind of tours, you have a lot of opportunities to join in funny and active activities. If you are interested in these local tours, in the article, I want to introduce to you the special places on Hanoi’s outskirts that we often call “Hanoi farming and cooking classes”. Why do we call it like that? Explore with us, you will be extremely surprised by memorable experiences.

Ba Vi

The destination with many famous tourist spots is just far from Hanoi’s center about 65 kilometers. When you put your feet on this land for the first time, the first thing you feel is serenity. Obviously, you don’t have to put up with the air or noise pollution in the city’s center anymore. Coming here, you can enjoy the fresh and totally peaceful atmosphere you don’t have in the noisy center.  The tour operators will walk with you to impressive places where you can see and admire the beauty of local nature.


Ba Vi village

Moreover, you can take part in many exciting activities with locals right after you come there. Every day, the farms in here welcome hundreds of tourists visiting, many of them are students in primary and secondary schools. The most absorbing activities are transplanting rice plants and catching fishes with bare feet as the real farmers. Don’t scare to be dirty. Let’s try plowing, watering, growing vegetables, or fishing. There is nothing interesting than growing a plant and catching a fish by yourself.


The way of Catching fish in Vietnamese traditional

After that, you can use the materials you have made for your lunch. They along with your tour operators will guide you how to cook the most delicious dish with these materials. The local people are always willing to welcome you to their cooking class. The most remarkable point of this class is cooking in outdoor space. It is ensured that the dish is the tastiest dish you have ever eaten because you are the chef making it.


The delicious local dish made by tourists

After the lunch, you have chances to watch the traditional dances of locals from Thai and Dao minorities. The Gong culture is one of the most unique traditional values that local as well as Vietnamese want to keep forever. It can be said that you will be attracted immediately when watching their dances. After observing, tourists can totally take part in these local cultural dances. These events are quite meaningful because you may understand more deeply about Vietnam culture in general and local culture in particular after experiencing these entertaining actions.

Chuong My

The destination is quite famous for vegetable farms that provide an uncountable number of vegetable, fruits or even flower to Hanoi’s center. Your Vietnam trips will be more interesting if you can visit there and experience as local farmers in one day. The Hanoi farming and cooking class on the outskirts will bring you lively and unforgettable moments that you haven’t had before.


The immense vegetable field in Chuong My

You will go to the fields, take part in some compulsive outdoor activities like sowing the seed, harvesting vegetables, etc.  Depending on the season you come to Vietnam, you will have chances to experience with various kinds of vegetables and fruits in here. The local farmers also teach you how to grow and take care of the vegetables with the high quality. These farming classes often help you gain a lot of knowledge about planting experience. Especially, you can even try eating the fresh vegetables and fruits on the right farm you visit.


Harvest fresh vegetable

You can also make use of these fruits and vegetables to create many delicious and healthy dishes for your lunch. Tourists can ask to be given the help from local farmers when they cook. They will recommend some dishes for you to cook easily or even they can help you friendly and enthusiastically. One of the most delicious and eye-catching dishes foreigners often choose to make is spring-roll. They can utilize almost kinds of vegetables in the local garden for their dish.


Make spring-roll

However, you also should go to the local market to experience the daily life of the local people here. Someone says that if you didn’t go to the local market, it means that you didn’t have a real trip to the place. The market is the special spot where you can see and evaluate the quality of locals’ life.  You can ask your tour guide to visit the local market. It is obvious that you should consume local specialties made and kept their original tastes. Even, if you ask sellers how to cook, they also teach you without hesitation. After the trip, you can buy specialties here as gifts for your friends and family members.


The local market with friendly sellers

Duong Lam ancient village

The last destination I want to suggest is Duong Lam village. If you used to search its information before, you know that it is a really picturesque agricultural village. Duong Lam is one of the most typical examples of Vietnamese traditional villages.


Duong Lam ancient village

However, instead of just having the sightseeing tours, you can take part in some farming and cooking classes to make your trips become memorable. For example, you can go to the field with the local farmer, growing rice plants or gathering in harvest time. The funny action many tourists tried in here is riding buffaloes. You may think they are the dangerous animals when you see them for the first time, they are faithful and useful friends of Vietnamese farmers.  The locals will guide you on how to make them obey, feed them and sit on their back. You will give the scared feeling away and feel so excited when you try sitting on their backs.


Sit on the buffalo’s back

If you to own a farm with hundreds of ducks, chickens and collect a numerous number of eggs day by day, you should become a Duong Lam Villager. You will have a chance to feed them, guide them to the field like a real farmer and collect many eggs.


Round up ducks

You can also try local specialties and you may ask to join in the cooking class here. They will teach you to cook some local dishes whose taste is toothsome to fantastic. Some dishes you should try is banh te – the must-eat dish in here, che lam, che kho, etc. All of them are traditional food that has been kept for many generations here. You will be regretful if you don’t try the dish in your to Duong Lam. Don’t forget to take some pictures of your finished products.


Specialties in Duong Lam

It is undeniable that you will learn a lot after having a tour like that. That might be not only physical lessons but also cultural ones. There aren’t any teaching methods effective than outdoor activities like these tours. That’s the logical reasons why we often call these tours like the special classes and the kinds of tours attracting a lot of tourists’ attention are given encouragement from the community. Therefore, if you decide to visit Hanoi in your holiday, you can take consideration about joining these exclusive tours.

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