The best destinations in Northern Vietnam


Are you interested in traveling? Are you interested in traveling with your friends? Do you like the North of Vietnam? If the answers to these questions are “yes”, the Northern Vietnam group tours are estimated as the best choices for you. Vietnam is becoming one of the most famous destinations for every kind of tourists. The country is quite lucky when it is given an enormous resource of beautiful nature by Mother Nature. Therefore, when coming here, you will have chances to complement the wonderful nature as well as have unforgettable memories. Go with us in the article to explore some famous places in Northern Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay

It is not a strange evaluation if someone says that Ha Long is always on top the most tourist destinations in Vietnam, specifically in Northern Vietnam.  Visiting here is the rare chance for you to forget the hustle and bustle of your daily life in the noisy cities. It is the best time you can immerse in natural beauty which is created by water, stone, and sky. Moreover, you can even join in many interesting outdoor activities with locals in the fishing villages here like Cua Van. Believe that you will absolutely have beautiful moments on your Vietnam group tours with your friends in here.


Ha Long Bay is always attractive in tourists’ eyes


Similarly with Ha Long Bay, whenever tourists think about traveling Northern Vietnam spots for their holidays, they will give thought to Hanoi immediately. They may estimate that Hanoi is Vietnam capital, so they have to visit here at least once. However, this is not a real reason why the city draws such many travelers, the attractiveness comes from its inner beauty.


Hanoi in an early morning

Hanoi is even thought to be the quintessence of Vietnamese culture and history. Therefore, as coming the land, don’t forget to take a visit to the historical spots and explore them. After these trips, you will gain a lot of knowledge about local history and traditional culture.  Therefore, many best group tours in Vietnam chose Hanoi as one of the must-go destinations and also the place they want to go back.

Co To Island

It’s sure that many people want to choose a marvelous beach for their holiday and Co To Island is an optimal choice in this case. The first thing they will catch sight of when they come here is white immense sand and crystal-clear water.


You will fall in love Co To at the first sight

Visiting Co To helps you be closer to nature and have the totally relaxed time on your holiday. It seems that there is no choice wonderful than immersing in cool water, listening to the wind whisper, and playing with close friends. With such a nice time, you will forget the tiredness and difficulties in your busy daily life.

Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc Province)

Not far from the center of Hanoi capital, Tam Dao is always one of the most attractive with the youth at the weekend. Thanks to its magnificent beauty, you can catch sight of many tourists coming here. Your journey will be more exciting if you can travel by motorbike to contemplate the winding roads here. Your heart will be completely conquered after the short trip with your friends. Exploring the nearly mountainous place like this will surely reward you the best moments in the group tours in Northern Vietnam.

Sapa (Lao Cai Province)

Sapa is also estimated to be one of the most romantic tourist spots in Vietnam. This destination is quite suitable for couples on their honeymoon tours. It makes an impression with tourists through many famous places in the town like a local market, warm lovely homestays.


Sapa in a morning full of mist

Observing the vintage architecture building make you feel the mist town really mysterious and you will want to stay here longer. The right time you put your foot on the land, you will feel immediate the fresh and little cold atmosphere. However, it is the main reason why many foreigner guests love Sapa, they cannot find another place having not only the magnificent landscape but also the ideal atmosphere like here.

It can be said that Vietnam is the ideal destination for those who are interested in nature. The travels can be more meaningful and interesting if you can go with your friends. Vietnam group tours always bring exciting experiences to every traveler especially with the young. So, there is no reason why you don’t choose a tour in Vietnam and have a nice holiday with your friends now.

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