Spending a day in organic vegetable villages in Hanoi

In addition to package tours to big cities in Vietnam, currently, many tourists, especially the foreigners, now are seeking for a new kind of tourism, which is called experiential tours. And one of the most favorable destinations to these experience tours is nowhere else except the vegetable villages in the capital.


Clean and organic veggies

With the great concern for food safety and hygiene, it is not surprising that Vietnamese people and Hanoians are paying more attention to clean and organic food and veggies. That is the reason why there have been more and more organic vegetable villages appearing these days. Having a Hanoi vegetable farm tours to those villages and discovering how villagers grow and produce clean and organic veggies thus has become a new trend of tourism. Some typical Hanoi vegetable villages can be mentioned are the ones in Gia Lam, Soc Son, Thanh Xuan, etc.


Foreigners and their experience tour to vegetable villages

The biggest common thing among these vegetable villages is the advanced technology of developed countries such as Japan, etc. By applying it to the growing and production process, people have raised the quality and productivity of veggies, then bring more economic benefits and improve lives for the farmers. Chemical fertilizers, growth promoters, and genetically modified products are not allowed in organic vegetable fields. Instead, farmers use composted fertilizers from plants and cattle and poultry’s waste to fertilize their own vegetables, so that they can ensure that the vegetables are fully supplied with natural nutrients. This is undoubtedly a strong plus that attracts more and more visitors to vegetable villages during their Hanoi day tours.


Villagers take care of vegetables

For example, in the vegetable village in Gia Lam, 2 production models (Greenhouse and Vegetable factory) are currently being applied to sweet tomatoes and lettuces. The lettuces are grown in Greenhouse in 3 periods, each of which will last 1 – 1,5 months. These lettuces have a pretty low kali level, only one-fifth as normal ones, so they are very suitable for those who have problems with kidney and those who are on their diets. In particular, because of being grown without agricultural chemicals, these veggies can be eaten right away during your Hanoi vegetable farm tours without washing.


Lettuces grown in Greenhouse

Not only are these villages expected to be a great source of clean veggies for the citizens but they also improve the working environment and physical health for the farmers who directly work with harmful insecticides. Growing organic vegetables also helps farmers in Thanh Xuan Commune in particular and Hanoi generally have a more stable income than regular vegetables.

With those above reasons, it is not an exaggeration to say that these villages will definitely be a perfect tourist destination for a Hanoi tour for family at the weekends. Once coming here, your children will have a chance to spend a whole day with the farmers, discover and participate in growing vegetable activities. It is such an interesting experience, isn’t it?

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