Banh Te, a must-eat cake for Duong Lam tours


Duong Lam Village, Hanoi is famous for not only the ancient houses, old trees, narrow roads but also a kind of special cake, Banh Te. The following will introduce you to the unique characteristics of Banh Te that is a must-eat cake for your Duong Lam tours.


Another corner of Duong Lam Village

Located about 50 kilometers from the center of Hanoi, in Son Tay Commune, Duong Lam Village is a great destination in Hanoi. This is the first village of Vietnam awarded the National Cultural Historic Monument in 2006. With the typical architecture and art of a Vietnamese ancient village in the Red River Delta, Duong Lam Village only stands after Hoi An Ancient Street and the Old Quarter about the scale as well as the artistic value. This makes Duong Lam become one of the most attractive destinations in Hanoi.

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Banh Te, a special cake in Duong Lam

A Duong Lam food tour cannot miss Banh Te. Banh Te is made from the truly simple ingredients including rice, pork, wood ear mushroom, onion, phrynium, banana leaves. These ingredients create a kind of wonderful cake that is white and delicious making an impression on tourists even for the first time.

Banh Te is very familiar to every Vietnamese people in daily life, however; Banh Te in Duong Lam still becomes unique because of its unique taste and history. In the past, there is a saying “Rice is the mother”, which refers to the importance of rice in the daily life of Vietnamese people. As a result, Banh Te plays an important role in the life of Duong Lam in the specific and Northern region in general. Banh Te will make your Duong Lam tour for family become more meaningful.


Eating Banh Te becomes a habit

To make a delicious cake, the chef has to prepare carefully many steps. Firstly, they need to have the fine rice. Rice is soaked into water for blooming, grounded into powder and then continue to be soaked for 3-4 days. After many stages of desiccation, the flour is boiled to be sticky and thick. They have to boil and stir with both two hands at the same time to get a soft, smooth paste that is not too ripe. This is the most important step that decides the quality of the cake.

The dumpling of Banh Te is not too sophisticated but requires many experiences. They need to prepare the bacon, dried onion, and wood ear mushroom finely chopped. All these ingredients are marinated with spices and pepper, then the mixture is fried well.


Making Banh Te require skillfully

The best time to enjoy Banh Te is when it is still warm. Remove the leaves covering outside, the white and aromatic cake will appear making anyone want to enjoy immediately. Its unique flavor brings the guests a new but comfortable feeling. You may want to eat again and again. The special characteristic of Banh Te is that you can eat until you are full without being bored.

After taking a Duong Lam biking tour around the village to explore the ancient beauty, enjoy the fresh air, and learn more about the Vietnamese history, it is truly wonderful for you to enjoy Banh Te. Eating the hot Banh Te while chatting with the villagers will bring you an unforgettable experience about Duong Lam. You will feel as if coming back to the rustic and friendly life of our grandfather.


Banh Te, a present in Duong Lam

I have taken Duong Lam tours with my friends when I was the first year student. That journey brought me a lot of memorable experiences. I cycled around the village to enjoy the fresh air, the ancient houses and also trees. Moreover, I had an opportunity to talk with the villagers. They are truly hospitable and friendly. They shared with me many things about the daily life as well as many interesting stories in the past. Especially, they invited me to eat Banh Te, a special dish here. It had a really wonderful taste and the journey became one of the most exciting experiences for me.

The above are some interesting things about Banh Te, a specialty in Duong Lam Ancient Village. Hope that you will get a nice Duong Lam tour when enjoying this kind of cake, along with exploring the beauty of the village.

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